An Evening of Poetry | Dr Kathryn Hummel | December 8th, 2014 @6 Assagao


Dr Kathryn Hummel writes non-fiction, fiction and poetry, often combined with photography for digital performances. She writes to reflect the world’s wit, warmth and chaos.

She is here to read from her book, Poems from Here. This book is a reflection on the figurative act of cutting yourself open, as well as the simultaneous nerve/virtue/foolishness/sincerity/tenacity of self-exposure. Some of the poems record moments in the past, as well as images of the present world, others reflect on the themes of belonging, friendship and the tragicomedy of love in various forms; and on the light, splendour and humour that are so often revealed in periods of complexity and chaos.

Details on Kathryn’s work can be found at