Odd Double: Two Banglablack Features


We will be screening two Banglablack features back to back. First one is Nabarun. He is the exclamation mark in Bengali Literature. He is the emphatic interjector. His characters shamelessly hustle, behave atrociously and try to exist in a violently hostile world. The film tries to get into the noisy, grimy, scratchy, inside of his mind. Bouncing between pure documentary and fiction, just like Nabarun.

Second one is Gandu. He hates his life. He hates his mother. Gandu raps out his hate, anger, dirt and filth of his existence. He and his Rikshawpuller friend enter the world of smack, rap, porn and horror. Reality and fiction, surreal and bizarre come together. Can Gandu survive?

Film maker Q will be present to interact with the audience. His new film Brahman Naman will be premiering and competing in the World Cinema section at Sundance Film Festival this year.