Pune Poetry Slam


The Pune Poetry Slam is one of the oldest and largest spoken word communities in the country. The poetry generated out of the Pune Poetry Slam sessions have gone on to become significant pieces of art that have defined the progress of spoken word poetry in India. This has mostly been due to the collective that has formed the core of the Pune Poetry Slam. Their hard hitting, visceral content have hit headlines and gone viral. They have been feature poets in different parts of the country for performance events, literature festivals and online media channels. As a collective they have stood for what they believe in by participating in the FTII strike and holding performances for taboo subjects voicing thoughts long repressed in the society around them. As a collective they want to share their poetry and their experience in different parts of the country.

Poets Apurv Inamdar, Priyanka Menon, Manasi Nene, Chandrakant Redican, Priyam Redican, Srijan Dubey and KC Vlaine will be reading their poems.