On Anonymity : Talk by BeeGee


Morpheus was right: the machines have won.

We asked for a free Internet, but we got trapped in the Web instead. Our every action, our every reaction is recorded, correlated and then sold as mineable human attention. The entire range of human emotions has been reduced to a bunch of mathematical parameters that optimise a given cost function. Humans have become ad units on virtual billboards!

We don’t want to be tracked. We want to voice our opinion freely without the fear of being attacked. We want to keep our secrets, to communicate in privacy. We don’t want to be a part of this Orwellian nightmare.

That’s why Anonymity is important. In this talk BeeGee will be speaking about the totalitarian nature of the Internet, the need for privacy and anonymity and possible ways of achieving those today.

BeeGee is your neighbourhood dilettante. At his dayjob he purportedly is a high priest of technology at a high-tech upstart. At night he’s either a philosopher, a vigilante or a loving husband: depending upon who you ask.

His cup is never full.