Films against stigma: Screening & Conversations


Films are used to educate the public through challenging and changing beliefs, clarifying values and debunking commonly held stereotypes. However we often walk away from a film without actually sharing how it impacted us and if it related to our own lives and communities. TATVA invites you to join them for an interactive evening of film and discussion that will hopefully make you reflect and share about what we can do to fight the silence around mental health.

Talking about mental health issues to others can feel shameful, boring, selfish and burdensome. Those going through depression, addictions, bi-polar or other debilitating conditions often face much shame and stigma from society in general. Many people seem almost embarrassed to admit that they need help and support, thinking it’s a weakness; whilst others think that having a mental health problem is something that happens to other people who are often perceived to be unstable and disturbed. There is a lot of prejudice, ignorance, fear and discrimination about mental health as it is usually dealt with behind closed doors; when it should be spoken about as openly as all health issues, so that the root causes can be addressed as a community.

TATVA is an international emotional wellness organisation based in North Goa who focuses on mental health awareness and multifaceted self-exploration.