Marine Biodiversity of Goa/ Rahul Nagesh/ ReefIndia

Rahul Nagesh will talk about the basic Marine Biodiversity of Goa. He will explain in detail the coral reef ecosystem of Goa (Grande Island). He will discuss the conservation part addressing the global and local conservation measures that can be taken up by the local community to save the marine environment for their benefit. There will be films showing various Marine life found around the Grande Island.​

Tagore on Acid – Q’s rendition of Tasher Desh

Amongst a plethora of cultural conundrums comes Q’s fantasy adaptation of Tagore’s Tasher Desh. While Tagore’s allegorical drama hoped to propel the cause of revolution and bring forth institutional change, Q’s adaptation has often been referred to as “Tagore on acid”.

‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’

‘We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’ is a 2013 American independent documentary film about the organization started by Julian Assange, and people involved in the collection and distribution of secret information and media by whistleblowers. It covers a period of several decades, and includes considerable background material. The film previewed in December 2012, and debuted January 21, 2013 at the Sundance Film Festival.

‘Brokering News- Media, Money and Middlemen’

‘Brokering News- Media, Money and Middlemen’ shows us the nexus of Government, Corporates and Media. Director Umesh Aggarwal points out the increasing public disenchantment, not just with its shrillness, but with its core value – integrity. Journalism is up for sale and selling of editorial space has become both blatant and institutionalised and neither the print nor the electronic media are immune to the malaise.

One Day on Earth

‘One Day on Earth’ is the first film made in every country of the world on the same day. We see both the challenges and hopes of humanity from a diverse group of volunteer filmmakers assembled by an participatory media experiment. The world is greatly interconnected, enormous, perilous, and wonderful. Written by Kyle Ruddick.