Mazed Mining/ The Goenchi Mati Movement

People come together creatively with Cartoons, Books, Photography and Solutions to tackle the resource- curse of our land. Goenchi Mati proposes a complete govt. re-evaluation of our inherited minerals. Our re-connection to this Tambdi Mati gives us a chance at saving some of it for our children and their generations to come.

Quantum Theory for Creative Communities

Quantum theory’s been around for 100 years. It’s a magical interpretation of how things relate to each other and the basis of understanding matter in its tiniest dimensions — and the vast universe as a whole. For many, the theory remains an impenetrable enigma. In this series of talks, we tackle some of these enigmas, one story at a time.

Fr. Bismarque/ First year at court of justice

Each and every protestor was forcefully arrested. Even children and women were not spared. Those who refused to court arrest were pinned down to earth, dragged like dead cattle and dumped into police vans for faraway police stations like Anjuna and Porvorim. In all, one hundred and three men, women, girls and children courted arrest. This was the day when Bismarque, the man had metamorphosed into Bismarque, the movement.

Travelogue / Pedals and Podcasts

He is Mark Fonseca Rendeiro, many on and off the internet knows him as bicyclemark, and he produce podcasts. Since 2004, long before itunes included podcasts or any radio station dared produce content for on demand listening, he was putting up weekly shows featuring voices from every corner of this world. His goal then, just as now, was to learn about exciting and sometimes alarming developments in people’s lives. Together with his listeners, he has produced programs from Amsterdam to Afghanistan, from Japan to Germany, from Manhattan to Mongolia; audio journeys that have traversed countries and continents.

Live Gig/ Imphal Talkies/ Politics & Peace

The band has cut two albums so far, Tiddim Road (2009) and When The Home Is Burning (2014) and have released singles from time to time. The band conceived The Imphal Music Project in January 2013, an attempt to make musical collaboration possible between artists from Indian subcontinent. The band was chosen as one of the 33 bands from 33 countries for the music album compilation entitled “Album of the Revolution” released in UK by Un-convention and In Place of War. The band’s single “Eche (A tribute to Irom Sharmila)” was used by Amnesty International India as part of their campaign to release Irom Sharmila.