Asmitai Dis/ Sanjeev Sardesai

Sanjeev Sardesai shall try to cover the lesser known aspects of Goa, especially what is in the hinterlands & interspersed with festivals & folk arts of Goa. The period covered is approx 3500 million years ago till present times, in brief. He will include a small part of the “Hippie” years”, though not exhaustive.

Conserving Butterflies/ Mrinmayee Thakur

Butterflies have been around us for centuries and there have been butterfly photographers as well. But hardly a handful conserve butterflies. This presentation is an attempt to spread awareness about butterflies around us and to start conservation of butterfly in a very beautiful way. While conserving them we get to be part of their lifecycle! It is a beautiful process and the end result, ofcourse, is super amazing!!!