Conserving Butterflies/ Mrinmayee Thakur


Butterflies have been around us for centuries and there have been butterfly photographers as well. But hardly a handful conserve butterflies. This presentation is an attempt to spread awareness about butterflies around us and to start conservation of butterfly in a very beautiful way. While conserving them we get to be part of their lifecycle! It is a beautiful process and the end result, ofcourse, is super amazing!!!

Six years back Mrinmayee Thakur lost a year because of politics in her college. Instead of getting succumbed in sadness, she decided to make use of the time and she started learning more about wildlife, particularly butterflies. Photography of butterflies is a job only for the patient ones. She had to learn it the hard way, but eventually it was pure joy to be there. Along with metamorphosis of butterflies, she learnt to go through change positively as well.