ACT II “Speak up” by Studio 365 | Goa Velha

Studio 365, Goa Velha is situated in a small hamlet in Goa. The idea behind the project “Speak Up” is to facilitate research on the constant overlapping of different cultures and influences that get embedded within each through these exchanges – on people, places, material and immaterial heritage. Goa has its own complex history of cultural confluences, predominant among them the absorption of Portuguese culture. In this moment of time when transnationalism and migration can be contextualised in different ways, ACT (Artists Create Together) is an attempt to frame inherent notions of language, communication, and understanding through the medium of art and performance.

Abandoned Mines/ Beyond Gimmicks & Eye Washes/ Donovan Gracias

The lack of Mine closure strategies is one of the primary issues that are pushing Goa to an environmental and economic collapse. The mining industry in Goa has also had the ‘foresight’ to ensure that its devastating impact will be felt here forever. Massive craters are left abandoned to a miserable existence, which continue to impact its surroundings. The thesis proposal by Architect Donovan Gracias – “Project Earth: A Memorial to the Devastation of the Earth” hopes to explore the possibilities of rehabilitating such an abandoned mine beyond gimmicks and eyewashes.

Crimes on the High Seas/ Siddharth Chakravarty

The talk will explore the international governance regime of the industrial, distant-water fishing business through two case studies, juxtaposing enforcement and control mechanisms in single and transnational models. Beginning with the ecological impact of such operations, it will move on to talk about the collateral damage they cause to human lives through a rights and social justice perspective.