Book Release | Witness: Kashmir 1986-2016: 9 Photographers

India Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with People Tree invites you to the Book Release of Witness: Kashmir 1986-2016: 9 Photographers -Edited by Sanjay Kak. Kaushik Ramaswamy, photojournalist and printmaker, will be in conversation with Sanjay Kak and photographers Dar Yasin and Syed Shahriyar.

Who Killed Osho? Abhay Vaidya | Interactions with Author

Who Killed Osho? is the definitive account to date of Osho’s death and that of his soulmate, Nirvano. This book is the result of nearly three decades of reportage and investigative journalism on the Rajneesh Movement. It is based on extensively recorded audio and video interviews with Osho’s closest followers and a mass of official documents, testimonies and press reports. These include statements to the FBI and testimonies by top Osho sannyasins and others at the Wasco County Special Grand Jury hearings in 1985, and Witness Statements before the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Fashion Revolution Week | Screening and Discussion

Fashion Revolution India along with Apurva Kothari of No Nasties will present the film ‘Slowing Down Fast Fashion’ and a talk by Orijit Sen ofPeople Tree about ethical practices of fashion. The film was launched during Fashion Revolution Week 2016 with the Campaign for Wool and is presented by Alex James, musician, writer and cheese maker. In 2016 it won the best fashion documentary award at The London Fashion Film Festival.