Poems of Protest | Bullock Cart Poetry


Bullock Cart Poetry is an organisation dedicated to creating and presenting spoken word poetry. Over the past 18 months Bullock Cart has performed events at various places around the country and now we are bringing a new line up of poets to Goa.

The poets will perform some of their best, darkest and most controversial poetry under the topic- Poems of Protest.

KC Vlaine is one of the most renowned performance poets of the country acting as a mentor and performer at the NYPS and has traveled the country performing poetry and judging competitions. His poems are intense emotional and touch upon extremely dark and deep feelings while staying very contemporary and relevant.

Chandrakant Redican in the Co-Founder of Bullock Cart Poetry, he has presented his poems at All India Radio, FTII, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Goa. He has featured in the Goa Arts and Literature Festival as well as the Pune International Literature Festival.

Prakhar Nandi is a poet an aeronautical engineer with an extremely funny sense of perspective. His poems are irreverant, vulgar, funny and extremely entertaining.

Ankita Sigh is the founder of Baithak Poetry and one of the most popular poets in the Pune city poetry circles. She is a truly bilingual poet with excellent compositions in Hindi and Urdu

Shahid Khan is a Hindustani Poet experimenting with various styles in Urdu and Hindi, he is a key co-ordinating member of “Majli’s” an Urdu poetry club in Pune

Shruti Saumya is a spoken word poet, writer and social media manager, she slams in Hindi and English. She has a very engaging style and her precise writing has made her an exciting slam poet to watch for in the future.