People’s Freedom vs. State Control | Presentation|26th June, Monday| 7-10 pm

At the eve of the Supreme Court decision on the biometric identification of the Aadhar card and shortly before the first visit of Indian prime minister to Israel, we want to discuss with Maren Mantovani the impact of surveillance and repressive technology in India, how people around the world resist the import of skills and tools of repression to their communities and how to save our people’s freedom from disciplinary state control.

A four letter word. Coal | Presentation. Puja Mitra | Monday June 19th, 2017| 7-10 pm |

This proposed mega development project is poised to destroy the livelihoods of fishermen, degrade soil, air and water quality along the coast and pollute our fragile marine ecosystems leading to the destruction of our coral reefs, benthic species and dolphins among a host of other marine species.

Kashmir Oral History Project | Ajay Raina & Sualeh Keen |12th June, 2017 | 7-10 pm | #mondayfix |6 Assagao

Kashmir Oral History or KOH, as the name suggests, is an ongoing oral history project intended to acquire and archive oral narratives revolving around “Kashmir”. The oral narratives are recorded in various formats (video, audio, text transcripts) and are collated website for the easy access of any person interested in oral history in general and Kashmir in particular.