Kashmir Oral History Project | Ajay Raina & Sualeh Keen |12th June, 2017 | 7-10 pm | #mondayfix |6 Assagao


Kashmir Oral History or KOH, as the name suggests, is an ongoing oral history project intended to acquire and archive oral narratives revolving around “Kashmir”. The oral narratives are recorded in various formats (video, audio, text transcripts) and are collated onwww.kashmiroralhistory.org website for the easy access of any person interested in oral history in general and Kashmir in particular.

The word Kashmir, as used here, does not indicate geography or ethnicity. It refers to the “Kashmir conflict” that has affected various peoples and territories that are not necessarily Kashmiri-speaking, nor confined within the eponymous valley of Kashmir in the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

The archive is self-initiated and co-founded by Ajay Raina, Sualeh Keen, Sadaf Munshi and Anamika Mujoo Girottee.

This presentation is the first one of a week long program in Goa. There will be film screenings and book/poetry readings in The Dogears Bookshop andMOG – Museum of Goa, 13th June – 17th June.

Please gather by 7 pm for food, beverages and seats. It is a donation based event.


Engraving courtesy:’Letters from India and Kashmir’ by J. Duguid, 1870. [The illustrations are by MR. H. R. ROBERTSON, and engraved by MR. W. J. PALM KB, principally from the writer’s Sketches.] http://www.searchkashmir.org/

Media Coverage – http://www.navhindtimes.in/bringing-kashmir-before-our-eyes/

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