A four letter word. Coal | Presentation. Puja Mitra | Monday June 19th, 2017| 7-10 pm |


Goa’s Vasco port is set to expand its coal handling capacity to a whopping 51 million tonnes annually. This proposed mega development project is poised to destroy the livelihoods of fishermen, degrade soil, air and water quality along the coast and pollute our fragile marine ecosystems leading to the destruction of our coral reefs, benthic species and dolphins among a host of other marine species. An unprecedented 8 day public hearing saw citizens voice their concerns and demand for the closure of this project. However this fight is not Vasco’s alone nor is it’s impact restricted only to the port, join us to learn more about this mega destructive project and help us to save our fragile coast.

The talk will be presented by Puja Mitra from Terra Conscious. Please gather by 7 pm for food, beverages and seats. It is a donation based event.