Psychology of Waste | Mudita Pasari | November 6th, 7-10 pm, 2017| 6 Assagao

The speaker, Mudita is a narrative and strategic designer who works at the intersection of people, nature, narratives and spaces. She is trained as an Exhibition and Spatial Designer, from the National Institute of Design, India and has received her Masters in Design Education from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Kabir on Strings; Drunk on Love! Live Music in the Garden! |The Mandrem House | Nov 4th, 2017, 7 pm onwards

Kabir on Strings is an attempt to bring Kabir and similar mystics to the masses, through music and conversation. The evening will be in a mango orchard, in the open, with two of the best Kabir lovers in our company – Harpreet and Vipul Rikhi, very accomplished musicians as well. While the evening is largely … Continue reading Kabir on Strings; Drunk on Love! Live Music in the Garden! |The Mandrem House | Nov 4th, 2017, 7 pm onwards

An evening of poetry, dance and conversation with Tishani Doshi|Nov 4th, 7-10 pm | The Cube Gallery

Tishani will release the book with a powerful performance encompassing a reading of her poems as well as an experimental dance act. This will be followed by an informal talk by the accomplished and versatile author about her unique practice. Performed at The Cube, amidst the current show SHE, a celebration of the female creative spirit, Tishani’s performance will infuse the space with added depth and meaning.

The Mandrem House Launch Party: Live Music, Food and Conversations|Friday, 13th October 2017|5-10 pm

13th evening will witness an eclectic mix of people and performers – Vasu Dixit from Band Swarathma, Harpreet Singh from Bombay and Doktorgandu from Goa are aboard, not for their music alone but for their politics – of love, change, humanism and nature. Songs of Faiz and Pash will be a special delight, reminding each of us what we are losing each day in our immediate world, by omission or comission, by remaining ‘tolerant’ towards hatred and bigotry around. This event is to celebrate the butterlies of The Mandrem House, the scent of the sea and the montains around and have some music and fun.