The Mandrem House Launch Party: Live Music, Food and Conversations|Friday, 13th October 2017|5-10 pm

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The Mandrem House is little less than one acre of a mango orchard with a villa in the front, hosts a beautiful butterfly garden in making and a remakery studio for upcycling waste into furnitures, has a cute little Cafe in the orchard too. The villa is a bed and breakfast and hosts guests from all around the world.

Powered by Thus. the launch party on October 13th is the beginning of a journey, of creating a space in Goa where nature, mind and soul converge, where conversations could be had without offending the other, love for a particular person, object or event is not at the cost of oneself or hatred towards another. Time shall tell what this place organically grows to be, at the moment its a space that embraces species of all kinds, of birds, butterflies, plants, insects – humans too!

13th evening will witness an eclectic mix of people and performers – Vasu Dixit from Band Swarathma, Harpreet Singh from Bombay and Doktorgandu from Goa are aboard, not for their music alone but for their politics – of love, change, humanism and nature. Songs of Faiz and Pash will be a special delight, reminding each of us what we are losing each day in our immediate world, by omission or commission, by remaining ‘tolerant’ towards hatred and bigotry around. This event is to celebrate the butterlies of The Mandrem House, the scent of the sea and the montains around and have some music and fun.