Goa 2050 | Mohit Thatte|February 5th, 2018|6 Assagao


Goa is a microcosm for the world and “Goa 2050” is an exploration of the possibilities for a technology driven future. As technology progresses at an exponential rate, society is going to be transformed in unprecedented ways. Mohit spoke about advances in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Genetics, Space and other frontiers.

Mohit is a programmer by education, but a dabbler in all sorts of things. He has been an entrepreneur, research assistant and a backpacker. He has no claim to fame, just an intense sense of curiosity for how the world works!

There will be North Eastern Food. It is a donation based event.

Mohit Thatte at HasGeek TV, on What can DevOps learn from sports teams.

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