Bit of a Coin | Decoding Digital Currencies – Anant Singh|February 12th, Monday at 6 Assagao


Crypto world has finally arrived. 2017 was the year when Blockchain technology suddenly became part of the public conversations. Even beyond the constant rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we became aware of how a range of markets could be transformed by applications built on this technology. Join us to find out as Anant Singh from Crypto Goa team will give an indepth presentation, discussing Blockchain, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings and all the topical issues surrounding the subject and the future.

Anant is a digital strategist and founder of ThEmployer – a Goa based hiring company, using blockchain to redesign hiring process. He started the Crypto Goa Group, to spread awareness, learn & discuss Blockchain & its applications with the goal to translate technical jargon into simple terms. Anant has been working around digital currencies since 2015.

North Eastern Food will be available. It is a donation based event.