Afterthoughts of the Novel – An Evening of Presentations | 6 Assagao, March 5th, 2018| India Foundation for Arts


Dhruv Jani will present on Somewhere, an interactive fiction set in a mythical city called Kayamgadh in colonial India. Here, the reader is allowed to form their own engagements, while navigating and interrogating notions of spatial, literary, and colonial history.

Avik will present a stop-motion short film, and Madhuja, sketches for a graphic novel—both based on the Bengali novel Lubdhak by Nabarun Bhattacharya. Lubdhak tells the story of street dogs in Kolkata through the overarching frameworks of oppression, organisation, and survival. Set in a dystopic Kolkata, the civic administration decides to exterminate all dogs of the city. While some dogs are killed and gradually disappear from the streets, some of them also manage to escape, after which their struggle for survival begins. They realise the need to organise, and, when they leave the city in an act of rejecting human civilisation, a great silence descends.

Dhruv Jani is a game designer, who has worked as a researcher on Taj Ganj, Agra, a report for the Directorate of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh, at the National Institute of Design. He was a participant at Of Games: Theatre in Code at Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi and a co-founder of the collaborative Studio Oleomingus. His work has been featured in gaming webzines such as Rock Paper Shotgun, Intel IQ, PC Gamerand Kill Screen.

Avik Mukhopadhayay is a three-time National Award winning Cinematographer and Director. His film credits include Aantohin, Bhalo Theko, Pathal Ghar, Raincoat, The Last Lear and Bunty Aur Babli. He formed the independent artists’ group ‘Eclectic Crew’, with painters and filmmakers, to create experimental video art. Besides this, he has also worked on numerous commercials.

Madhuja Mukherjee is a Graphic Artist, Writer, Filmmaker, and Researcher. She is also Associate Professor at the Department of Film Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Her research interests span the Indian film industry, database building, technology, and archival projects.

These grants, under the Arts Practice programme at India Foundation for the Arts, and this grant showcase received support from Technicolor India.

These are donation based events, North Eastern food will be available.

We look forward to seeing you there!