Paradigms and Paradoxes: Stories of Water from Bharat to Goa|6 Assagao, 2nd April, 2018, 8 pm onwards


Presentation by Ravi Mariwala |

Water is life. It nourishes us, it cleans us and sustains us. It keeps our communities healthy, our cities running and our economies growing. It is the thread that weaves together our daily lives. Water is a cup of tea, the vegetable market, the increase in exports and the strength of the nation. Water truly is essential, reliable and invaluable.

Water is the engine that drives civilizations and economies. We rely on it for agriculture, manufacturing, energy and transportation. Valuing water means valuing our sustainable future.

Then, why is water so undervalued? Is the current situation of water alarming or are we overplaying it? Ravi Mariwala will narrate his experiences with water over the last decade through stories of trepidation and triumph and critically examine what needs to be done to address the issue of sustainable water for all.

About Ravi Mariwala –

For Ravi life is another great adventure to embark on. He is the Founder, Promoter and CEO of Smaart Water. A company that provides affordable, integrated and holistic water solutions for residential, commercial and community markets in Rural and Urban India. He has started the company with a vision of providing Sustainable and Abundant Water to everyone.

Ravi has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Delaware. He has five patents and more than fifteen publications in international journals. For him, sustainability and outdoors are a passion. He has worked on sustainable and integrated solutions for water, power and now soil. He has set up more than 10 million liters
per year Rain Harvesting system and more than 200 installations in the water sustainability space.

Sailing and trekking are outdoor passions which he enthusiastically pursues. He has been sailing for more than 45 years in Mumbai and cruising along the west coast of India. He has climbed and trekked extensively in the Himalaya and Sahiyadris for over 37 years including expeditions to Kumaoun & Garhwal Himalaya and to remote Lingti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. He is currently the editor of the Himalayan Club E-letter.

It is a donation based event. North Eastern food will be available.