Avant Garde Jazz, The Road Less Travelled|Lec Dem by Vj Xavier|April 30th, 7 pm, 6 Assagao

Every human has the potential to improvise music. A natural human impulse, in which, we tap into our own limitless supply of original music. The source of music is found within oneself, thus opening the door to a lifetime of creative fulfillment and artistic expression.

Book Launch | The Baptism of Tony Calangute| Sudeep Chakravarti | May 14th, 6 Assagao, 8 pm

‘The Baptism of Tony Calangute’ tells the story of Tony Calangute, the owner of Happy Bar, and his fiery cousin Dino Dantas, self-appointed guardian of Aparanta, the mythic, idyllic Goa of old. Their tale begins in the sleepy seaside village of Socorro Do Mundo, where time holds little meaning.

Spoken Word | Crystal L Williams| May 7th, 2018, 7 pm at 6 Assagao|

Crystal is a ​spoken word artist, ​speaker, ​writer​, and advocate. She uses ​her ​​creative writing to promote individual and community change. Crystal graduated from Emory University ​in the U.S. ​with a B.A. in English, Creative Writing and Theater Studies and received her MBA from Georgia State University with a focus in organizational management. Crystal has … Continue reading Spoken Word | Crystal L Williams| May 7th, 2018, 7 pm at 6 Assagao|

Shibumi | Presentation by Sanjay Joseph | April 23rd, Monday 7 pm at 6 Assagao|

Sanjay Joseph started young and, after paying his dues in various musical situations (including stints with various rock/ jazz bands, artist luminaries like Ranjit Barot, Louis Banks, KK and A R Rahman, he conceived Shibumi – a composite expression that straddles the worlds of music, nutrition, spirituality, discipline and abandonment.

Poetry Gig | Politics of Dissent |April 9th Monday | 7 pm

Sushila Mendonca chooses to write in a simple “dear-diary” style. This collection of poems touches on themes of religion & other highs, but primarily on relationships, aging & sexuality. Her poetry has an underlying thread of what it means to be a woman under the spell of patriarchy. While questioning society’s impositions, Sushila wonders why … Continue reading Poetry Gig | Politics of Dissent |April 9th Monday | 7 pm