Poetry Gig | Politics of Dissent |April 9th Monday | 7 pm


Sushila Mendonca chooses to write in a simple “dear-diary” style. This collection of poems touches on themes of religion & other highs, but primarily on relationships, aging & sexuality. Her poetry has an underlying thread of what it means to be a woman under the spell of patriarchy. While questioning society’s impositions, Sushila wonders why it is easier to be judgmental than supportive. To her, poetry is a process of catharsis and healing.

Priyal Woodpecker / poet & (poly) artist / identifies herself as a multiverse gypsy clown. She explores and interprets Anthropological Storytelling through writing, visual arts & handicrafts. She has performed poetry in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Nepal, Uganda & India. Her poetry is a provocative vomit of existential truths; exploring the nature of identity, gender, violence, sexuality, dissent, love & freedom. Wildly queer, her poetry is futility’s purpose & equality’s dream. While in the backyard, Anger is busy seducing Sorrow.

There will be North Eastern Food.

Poster by Animal Inkstinct / Design Atelier

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