Sordid tales of Tiracol | Presentation | June 4th, 8 pm, 6 Assagao


Four Seasons Mumbai bought 12.5 lac agricultural land in Tiracol through their arm Leading Hotels in Goa for the purpose of constructing a golf course and 250 cottages. The sale violated the Land Use Act so local resident Francis Rodrigues of Tiracol approached Goa Foundation and filed a PIL which sated that the sale of the land was invalid on that count and was done without the consent of the tenants of the land. The owners told the tenants that they would have to leave their homes and agree to be relocated to one corner of the land and this was objected by the tenants.

10 out of 25 houses accepted a buy out deal from Leading Hotels and vacated the premises. Leading Hotels managed to convert 1 Lac Twenty Thousand sq.mtrs of the land to settlement zone thanks to the 2021 RP allowance terms for eco-tourism, but this was challenged in court through the PIL and a stay was obtained. Proceedings will continue in June session of the courts.

The National Green Tribunal also brought a stay because of cutting of numerous tress on the land. Francis also got a legal stay on the coal hub project and dredging of the Tiracol Bay because it endangers the Keri village and Tiracol Fort as well.

Another victory is a legal stay on bridge construction across the river by Govt. of Goa in favor of Leading Hotels because it destroys the mouth of the river. Francis appeals to the people of Goa for help to fight these three projects in Tiracol for the sake of the people of Tiracol and the surrounding areas and to protect the natural beauty and ecological balance of the place.

This is a donation based event. North Eastern food will be available.