CRZ Draft Notification | Key Factors|6 Assagao, 8-10 pm, June 25th, 2018


Goa’s Green Brigade will highlight the controversial CRZ Draft Notification 2018 and it’s impact on Goa’s coastlines. Dr. Antonio Mascarenhas, Marine Scientist formerly working with the National Institute of Oceanography, India will do the presentation on the implications of the said draft notification. Avertino Miranda, senior journalist and coordinator of Goa Green Brigade will speak on the devastation caused to Goa’s coastline with current laws and policies.

This is a donation based event. There will be North Eastern Food.

Post event –

Antonio Mascarenhas #Thus. Cause n Effect of #Goa‘s #CRZamendment was a sobering moment
The good scientist talks of our coastline degradation along with best practise remedials : which would be excellent to push for a public participation way❤️

Simple 1 : putting up simple wooden fences in the sand
Complicated 1 : getting #GoaGovt to care😂sucky policy makers😴they need to do MUCH MORE 4 Goa
🙏🙏Avertino Miranda🙏🙏for making this possible
Nilankur Das for creating a space that’s AwesomE💋#Thus.

The presentation of Dr Antonio Mascarenhas –

Z Assagao June2018