Steampunked | David Desouza’s Journey |September 24th, 2018 Monday 8-10 pm | 6 Assagao


davidSick of academia after a masters degree in biochemistry David Desouza volunteered to work in tribal Maharashtra for a year living off the grid when it was not fashionable. A second hand camera bought after 9 months of gestational haggle and the experience of questioning everything learnt hitherto drew him more towards De-schooling. As soon as he had the opportunity he switched from science to the arts. His life has been enriched in the pursuit of beauty. At the ‘tender’ age of 38 he got married and became an advertising photographer. The camera led him to distant lands and now to paradise in Goa, where he and his wife live permanently.

He will be presenting his personal projects and his obsession with photo books.

It is a donation based event. North Eastern food will be available.