Presentation | ‘Juze’ the film | 6 Assagao| July 23rd, 7.30-11pm

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This film “Juze’ has gone beyond clichés to reveal the harsher social undercurrents tearing Goa. Set around exploited migrant workers and their abusive paymaster-cum-slumlord, Juze is a poised, contemplative and topical debut, with a story offering mostly heartbreak but also a faint glimpse of hope.

Apart from its European producers and a couple of technical staffers from France, Juze is a local production with Goan actors and crew and completed with the help of villagers — an achievement of sorts given the stark storyline at hand. In this presentation from ‘Juze’ team, we will hear their stories, their inspirations and the future of cinema as they would love to see. They will show us the background stills, clips of the film and talk about their struggle.

‘Juze’ is representative of what is in general a taut and technically accomplished debut that Miransha Naik produced with a capable, close-knit crew, a film which foretells bigger things ahead for the filmmaker and his colleagues in Goa.

Donation based event. North Eastern foods will be available.