Travel Writing Workshop | Jessica Faleiro | Nov 17th 2018 10-2 pm | 91 Springboards Panjim

Write insightful and incisive travel stories ~ from an experienced traveller and published author, Jessica Faleiro. This workshop will introduce you to tips, techniques and simulations to help you write your own travel stories and improve your existing writing.

Goan Heritage | Prajal Sakhardande | 6 Assagao, Oct 29th, 7.30 pm, Mondayfix

This talk will be an overview of History and Heritage of Goa from ancient times to 2017. Goa has a long history of not only politics but also of social, economic, cultural and historical heritage. This will cover Goan History and Heritage from the Gaunkaris, Bhojas, Kadambas, Adilshah’s rule to the arrival of the Portuguese in 1510 till 1961, then to statehood and thereafter.

Mitti-Chuna | Natural Building Materials | 8th October 2018, Mondayfix at 6 Assagao | 7.30 pm

There is a need to question this widely accepted building material, cement and assess how this deeply affects the small scale building industries that are dying. Local economies that once made a village or a town self-sustainable are being destroyed. This talk is about the power of humble local materials as alternatives to cement, with examples and stories of natural buildings.