Mitti-Chuna | Natural Building Materials | 8th October 2018, Mondayfix at 6 Assagao | 7.30 pm


In an age where industrially manufactured building materials are cheap and easily available, the concept of architecture has changed. Locally made unique and diverse natural buildings are being replaced, by cold and dull cement buildings without context or character. Precious natural building skills and techniques that were indigenous to us are on the verge of extinction and in dire need of revival.
There is a need to question this widely accepted building material, cement and assess how this deeply affects the small scale building industries that are dying. Local economies that once made a village or a town self-sustainable are being destroyed. This talk is about the power of humble local materials as alternatives to cement, with examples and stories of natural buildings.
Musharaff Hebballi saw that a city and its architecture was too disconnected from the people or the environment .There was no consideration for what is being consumed, where it comes from or where it will end up eventually. She attempts to document traditional methods of building and explore them in her practices. She loves to meet old people who can share their stories, and likes to revisit the past through them and see that eventually the solution lies in looking back and taking lessons from the simple solutions ancestors have already devised.
Food and beverages will be available. Donation based event.