Talk | Wild Otters Research | Jan 14th, 2019 #mondayfixgoa at 6 Assagao | 7.30 pm


Wild Otters is a research based conservation entrepreneurship with its current focus on ecology & conservation strategy of Otters and a few other species, especially in South Asia. They work with students and professionals both from academia and corporate streams to better undertake these missions by means of a variety of initiatives including offering experiences, training programs, curriculum development as well as research internships and volunteering opportunities.

The talk will focus on the evolution of Wild Otters Research as an organization, the kinds of projects we do pertaining to wildlife research and conservation, what kinds of programs we run to make the organization self-sustainable, how individuals and companies can collaborate and participate, and what future plans we have for the organization.

People talking : Dr. Katrina Fernandez, Scientific Director, and
Kshitij Garg, Director & Chief of Communications, Wild Otters Research, Chorao Island, Goa.

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