Presentation | Essential Ecoposro | Jan 28th #mondayfixgoa at 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm


The concept for Goa’s first zero waste store came about when Jonah and Eldrige felt called towards doing something to save the environment of Goa. Saddened by the garbage situation they saw deteriorating their home, Ecoposro was born, the store’s main aim is to reduce collective plastic consumption.

Here groceries, cleaners, household items, self care products, etc are sourced as locally as possible and transported sustainably without the use of wasteful plastic packaging. Consumers can shop according to their requirement by weight or per item without taking home any plastic packaging thereby reducing their household dry garbage production significantly. Shopping at the store is done by encouraging customers to bring their own containers or by using glass jars or paper bags available at the store.

The vision of Ecoposro is to grow into a community on like-minded people who shop responsibly while caring for the environment in an attempt to undo the damage already done by irresponsible consumerism over the years. The future of Ecoposro is to grow into a sustainable social business all over Goa and perhaps other parts of the country with the hope of changing the mind-set of consumers for the greater good.

Please be on time to hear Jonah and Eldridge’s journey. Please donate to keep these programs alive and sharp, at the venue or Online here- With support from Simba Beer and The Owl House