Cultural Cartographies: Sensing Goa’s Heritages & Landscapes | 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm, 10th June 2019


Presenter: Pedro Manuel Sobral Pombo
Assistant Professor, Visiting Faculty,
Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies,
Goa University

Departing from previous and ongoing research on Goan heritage and coastal landscapes, this conversation aims at thinking the aesthetic and epistemological possibilities of landscape as a crucial element of cartographing cultural contexts and their materializations.

The particularities of Goan culture have been studied through religious syncretisms, architectures and gastronomy as heritages that translate the specificities of this state. Nevertheless, when looking at the ways water embraces land in cultivated khazans and in wild mangroves, how religious precincts ground deities to sacred topographies or how cultural elements surround agricultural or fishing activities we can understand how landscape has been transformed and integrated in what is sensed today as Goan heritage.

This presentation takes landscape as a way of exploring heritages in new ways: how can we observe the materiality of buildings or soundscapes of songs or working rhythms without erasing their relation with the surroundings? How to integrate the sensorial worlds of Goa, colors, smells and monsoon winds and waters, in our understanding of heritage, in a way that the intimate relation between material culture and its locations is not lost?

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