He walked | Talk by Shubham| September 30th #mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao 7.30 pm


This is Shubham Dharmsktu, 26 year old, a Traveler, environmentalist, social entrepreneur and travel filmmaker from a tribe ‘Shauka’ in Uttarakhand. He graduated from National Institute of Design in Graphic Design, and walked and cycled.

For e.g. Kashmir to Kanyakumari Solo walking expedition | 5000 km in 6 months (2018 – 2019) || Solo cycled the whole himalayan length for sustainable tourism | 6000km of mountain cycling in 105 days (2015) || Solo cycled from ahmedabad to Kanyakumari | 3200km in 55 days (2014) || Motocycled Gujarat to J&K | 2500km in 15 days (2015)

Links for above expeditions



Shubham Dharmsktu – Working towards sustainability and minimalist lifestyle

The story of a 25 year old who cycled 6000 kms across the Himalayas


He will talk about our beautiful world and how we manage to destroy with our lifestyle.

And his journeys, sustainable and minimalistic life which support consuming less plastic,
zero food waste.

Limited Seating, please arrive early. Donation based program. https://www.instamojo.com/@thus_critique/ #goanarratives #thusgoa

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