FN Souza’s Female Nude: Telling a story, preferably a moral one| 6 Assagao, 21st October #mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm

411CCC48-D9D2-42D7-8DAC-6EA31D1CA2BA.jpegThis #mondayfixgoa at 6 Assagao @peopletreegoa 21.10.19, 7.30 pm | FN Souza’s Female Nude: Telling a story, preferably a moral one | The human body continues to stir passion, cause controversy and compel interest in all levels of society. All artworks of the body are potentially ‘potent’, in as much as they are used to sway our opinions or influence our actions. Souza’s women standing tall and self possessed on his canvas question the passivity of women, the youthful ideal of beauty, reject all coyness and prettification, stressing a raw earthy photographic physicality as if flesh were one of the new materials of the age, like concrete glass and steel. He disassembles found imagery and reassembles its parts to invent a new modern woman. He brings in an intense scrutiny through his fantasies, dreams and obsessions painting women in the hope of gaining new insight of the visceral, the animal, the sexual and the intuitive in works of sometimes Dionysian excess, illuminating and subverting repressive cultural institutions particularly those which subjugate and degrade the female body. Talk by Jugneeta Sudan @jugneeta Poster by @palebluedotgoa | contribution 200/- #goanarratives #thusgoa #fnsouzapaintings