Recognising and promoting rural women’s work in North East India, Monisha Behal, North East Network at Museum of Goa, Sunday Nov 24th 2019, 11.30 am

D3CAE1F0-3104-43E9-AB11-FD70763E4DC1This Sunday, Monisha Behal from the North East Network will talk about the organization’s efforts in strengthening women’s collective work for their sake, and for their community and for the state to recognize their work. Her talk will include a commentary on the issue of gender based discrimination, and the absence of women in governance structures. She will also delve into issues of conserving community owned natural resources and promoting women’s indigenous weaving and farming practices in the North East.

Monisha Behal is a founder member of North East Network. She has initiated several projects on women’s development in the North Eastern states, one of which has grown into a significant community based initiative in Nagaland. She believes that the imagined world of ‘good women’ as carers of the family has to be unravelled because reality shows a picture rife with anguish and vulnerabilities for women in their homes, in the face of armed conflict, the declining household economy and their subordinate status.