The Adventures of Dizzy Sal| Naresh Fernandes | #mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao 9th December 2019

In 1959, ace Indian pianist Edward Saldanha -who was known to his fans as Dizzy Sal, arrived in the US to study at the famed Berkeley School of Music on a scholarship that he’s won, thanks to the support of jazz legend Dave Brubeck. Over the next few years, Dizzy Sal won a loyal following in the US North East, and recorded as a sideman on a well-regarded album. By 1962, he was back at the family home in Bangalore and rarely performed after that. What happened? | Naresh Fernandes will use archival music clips and rare photographs to tell his fascinating story. | #goanarratives #thusgoa #thustalks Poster by @palebluedotgoa contribution 200/-, please arrive early. #indianjazzjourney #mondayfixgoa #thustalks