The Art of Listening- Western Classical Music Appreciation Workshop | Reis Magos fort, March 15th Sunday, 11 am- 6 pm


Reis Magos Fort and Thus. presents The Art of Listening – a western classical music appreciation workshop by Santanu Datta at Reis Magos Fort on 15th March 2020, 11 am to 6 pm. An interactive session covering the fundamentals of mindful listening in the context of Western Art Music.

The workshop is open to all adults as well as children. Preferred age group is 10 years and above. Preregistration is compulsory. Please carry your own lunch.

Last date for registration: 10th March 2020
Fees: 2000/- per person (same charges apply to adults & children)

Listening to music is a skill that is acquired through experience and learning. Music appreciation is the first step to-wards exploring the world of Western Classical Music. Whether you are a passionate listener or a student preparing for your next grade exam, this workshop will help you improve your understanding of music in the historical and modern con-text.

• Elements of music
• Orchestral Instruments
• Forms & Genres
• Historical Periods
• Important composers and their music

About Santanu:
Composer & classical guitarist Santanu Datta is an alumnus of the Ecole Normale de Musique de Par-is (2011-2016, Diplôme Supérieur) where he studied composition, writing and aesthetics, orchestration and analysis with distinguished musicians like Edith Lejet, Stéphane Delplace, Anthony Girard, Narcis Bonet and others. Santanu studied the classical guitar and historical performance practices with French lutist and guitarist François Martin and received DEM, FTCL and LRSM in guitar performance. A graduate of the IIT Kharagpur (2011), Santanu has performed widely in India and France. He has received several scholarships for his studies and his compositions have been performed by musicians from all over the world.

For registration whats app / call: +91 9673935195