Veg, non-veg & semi-veg | Talk by Vikram Doctor, 16th March 2020, 6 Assagao,7.30 pm


#mondayfixgoa 16th Mar, 7.30 pm | Food is becoming an increasingly contested area in India, in particular the divide between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. As this debate, like so many others, gets increasingly polarised it is pushing food habits increasingly apart, with both sides becoming increasingly vehement in their rationales and recipes. This talk looks at the roots of this divide and what we are losing in this process – a whole realm of semi-vegetarian food whose importance, from health, environmental and other perspectives, is immense. | Talk by Vikram Doctor, editor (special projects) at the Economic Times. He writes features, mostly on material culture in India and with a special focus on the many roles and functions of food in Indian society. | Supported and powered by @hisarwalla @palebluedotgoa @communiticraft @peopletreegoa @gunpowder.goa #thustalks #goanarratives #divisionoffoods #nonvegetarianism #semivegetarianism #vegetarianism #foodcultures #foodandpoliticsandeconomics