Platforms, Privatised censorship and free speech in India, a talk. May 25th 2020

Online platforms, particularly social media, operate as the new ‘public squares’. They play an increasingly critical role in shaping the public sphere and redefining democratic participation, through the enforcement of privatized content censorship, filtration and other forms of content moderation practices.

This talk looks at the role of platforms in mediating online speech, and how these interact with legal and constitutional laws, particularly the freedom of speech and expression. Algorithmic speech governance on social media platforms is influenced by India’s emerging norms on intermediary liability and the European Union’s rules on automated content filtration for copyright infringement. Automated content filtration is both increasingly pervasive and inevitable. Legal frameworks must be appropriately framed towards curtailing undemocratic and harmful practices of privatized and opaque content moderation by platforms and their algorithmic systems.

Date: Monday, 25 May, 2020
Time: 7:30 PM 8:45 PM
Format: Lecture followed by discussion


Join via Zoom:

or watch the livestream on this page

Who should participate:

Media and media tech practitioners
Tech policy practitioners

About the speaker: Divij Joshi is a lawyer and independent researcher studying the interaction between law, technology and policy. He is presently a Mozilla Technology Policy Fellow, studying automated decision-making systems in India. Divij also edits and contributes to the SpicyIP Blog.

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