Silence in C+ve : Live Music and the Pandemic- A Conversation #mondayfixgoa Nov 2nd 7.30 pm

This #mondayfixgoa we are bringing together a panel to discuss the present and post pandemic situations of the Music industry. Vinesh Iyer (Co Founder – Art Escape, The Live Music Project, Inspire Trust) will be in conversation with Saxophonist Jarryd Rodrigues and Musician/ Entrepreneur/ Architect Buland Shukla.

A conversation on present pandemic situations in regards to music scene and coping mechanisms

Jarryd comes from a family of musicians, such as Braz and Yvonne Gonsalves and Chic Chocolate. He specialises in Jazz genre and now experimenting with electronic music.

Buland Shukla, Architect, Acoustical Consultant, Gypsy Jazz guitarist (The Banjara Quartet), Founder of Audiophile Goa and “For the Record – Vinyl Bar” , Founder of Copperglow Audio.

For over a decade, Vinesh and Darryl of Art Escape + The Live Music Project has brought many international and national bands to Goa and promoted Local talents, organised yearly Jazz Festival and numerous other festivals to create a space for Goa in global musicians circuit.

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