Snake Tales | A Discussion | 7th December 7.30 pm 2020 #mondayfixgoa

Join us for a discussion this #mondayfixgoa with some of Goa’s resident experts on snakes and wildlife rescue in Goa. The panel will answer questions from the audience, discuss and dispel myths and superstitions and help us to live more in harmony with these remarkable and misunderstood creatures.

Snakes may be some of the most feared and misunderstood of any creature on this planet. This is not without good reason, as some of them are venomous enough to kill a human with ease. Most however, are harmless and even dangerous ones become harmless with a little knowledge! Wherever there are people, there are myths and rumours abound with snakes as the main villain!

On Monday we will be joined by four of Goa’s snake rescuers to give you an intimate and honest insight into snakes and snake rescue in Goa. From dispelling myths to practical solutions that can make you and your family more safe, this discussion will be an opportunity to ask the experts any of those questions or stories and learn a little about the creatures that invoke fear in almost all of us.

So join us, as we take a journey into the hidden yet fascinating world of snakes.

Panelists :

Benhail Antao is a great resource on all matters related to the Wildlife in Goa and has been an Honorary Wildlife Warden, appointed by the Forest Department of Goa.

Twenty-one-year-old environment activist, journalist and youth coordinator Sherry Fernandes is a Goan who has been exploring the forests of Mollem for many years. As a young girl, she was actively involved in animal rescue, tending to cases of domestic as well as wild animals. Her love for snakes led her to frequent trips to the forests and from here grew a deep love for Goa’s flora and fauna. On learning about the threat being posed to Mollem’s biodiversity, her desire to help protect it came naturally. As a Vasco resident, she has seen the adverse effects of the coal industry on Goa’s residents and her forests.

Alex Carpenter runs the Tribe goa in agonda and has been a nature lover since childhood. He is a conservationist best known for his passion for snakes and ecosystem restoration.

Aaron Fernandes has been a passionate advocate for nature and rescuer for wildlife for as long as he can remember. He has worked with king cobra research and conservation in the andamans and has a deep understanding of snakes and nature.

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