Movements Unplugged : A Conversation – 28th December 2020, 7.30 pm #mondayfixgoa

Arundhati Ghosh with Aditya Nigam

In ‘Movements Unplugged’, we intend to discuss a characteristic feature of many contemporary movements across the globe: their non-party horizontalist character. They often appear as ‘movements without leaders’, viral in nature, and are difficult for governments to deal with precisely because of that. The recent anti-CAA/NRC movement and the ongoing farmers’ struggle in India add new dimensions to such movements. Our discussion will foray into exploring some of these aspects.

In conversation-

Aditya Nigam –

His recent work has been concerned with the decolonization of social and political theory. He has earlier worked on ideological and discursive formations and their relationship to the emergence and constitution of political subjectivities.

Professor Aditya Nigam works with the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies and comments regularly on contemporary political issues on the blog,

Arundhati Ghosh –

Arundhati Ghosh is the Executive Director at India Foundation for the Arts. She has been an active participant in some of the movements in Bangalore.

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