Aamis Screening at Flying Goat by Lost the plot, Sunday 7th August 2022 7.30 pm

Set in Guwahati, Aamis tells the story of Nirmali, a somewhat lonely paediatrician and wife, and Sumon, a PhD student with a penchant for unique gastronomic adventures. A chance encounter between the two develops into a friendship based on a shared curiosity about rare meats, only to spiral into a most unexpected and dark place. 

Yet, the film is less about indulgence and human excess, as it is about restraint. Hazarika weaves an explosive premise into a gentle and highly nuanced story about what we give up on when we try to do what is “socially acceptable.” With absorbing performances from Lima Das and Arghadeep Barua as Nirmali and Simon respectively, Aamis is a masterpiece in simplicity and reading between the lines. 

Event Details:

Date: Sunday, 7th August

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: The Flying Goat, Anjuna, Goa

Bookings: Call +91 8828138632 to book your spot. Limited seating available.