It is about an attempt to encourage critical thinking.


  • Motto is to develop and curate interdisciplinary art practices for social campaigns – to foster critical thinking. Idea is to develop spaces to explore and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practices. 
  • Facebook page is –
  • Listed below are the venues we are programming events –
    6 Assagao Events is creating a pro-active and pragmatic community with socio cultural events such as documentary/art house/independent cinema screening and discussions, artists presentations, lecture demonstrations on various subjects, acoustic music, book launches, magnet theatre, poetry performances, spoken word, talk shows, play readings etc, in Assagao, Goa.

    The idea is to create a platform of information sharing on rights based issues, which reap stories that are attractive, new, artistic and also connect to contemporary issues, lives, and aspirations.

    It is becoming a place to explore and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practices. We are advocating an understanding of the arts as a language that empowers individuals and communities to utilize voice/stories as an agent for social change.

    Based in a century-old Goan villa in quiet Assagao, 6 Assagao is a collaborative effort to create a tranquil and informal space.  This space houses Gunpowder, the peninsular kitchen, and People Tree, a design store of handmade and artisanal products.

    The Dogears Bookshop

    Museum of Goa

    The Mandrem House

    Gallery Gitanjali

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