In the age of information overload, fake news and social media hysteria, there is an urgent need to rediscover and maintain a culture that is based on critical thinking, intelligent dialogue, discussion and debate.

It is crucial for us to create a space for the sharing of ideas, views and opinions that may not agree with the mainstream view, but are instrumental in our evolution- as individuals, as a society and as a species.

Alternative views in the areas of culture, politics, environment, business, art and music are the forerunners of change and progress, if allowed to be nurtured and refined in a friendly environment.

Thus. is an organisation that establish and encourage this culture by identifying and organizing venues and curating the presentation of ideas that are at the intersection of art, activism, innovation and inspiration.

The programs curated by Thus. explore and strengthen connections between artistic practices and social activism, political views and environmental realities; and encourage the publication of socially relevant themes through talks, presentations, film screenings, theaters, live gigs and performances.

Artists, musicians, social & cultural activists, journalists present their works and address the audience here. Thus. advocates an understanding of the arts as a language that empowers individuals and communities to utilise ‘stories’ as agents for social change.

Thus. programs are contemporary, thought provoking and rights based. Thus. provides a platform for the cultural exchange of ideas and opinions, in an atmosphere that maintains the dignity and respect of local culture and the idea of a participatory democracy.

The unique mix of programming of Thus. events attracts an inclusive 500+ audience that comprises of an eclectic mix of locals and expatriates, who look forward to intelligent conversation, refreshment and intellectual stimulus. Our audience is appreciative, intuitive, intelligent and discerning. Most have made these events a regular feature in their social calendars. The post program discussions are lively and interactions are insightful.

The audience itself has encouraged and nurtured rational discussion and respectful debate as the intrinsic culture of Thus.

We are a registered trust.

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HDFC, Mapusa Branch

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