Reading and discussion | 13 years by Ramchandra Singh|August 13th 2018, 7.30 pm,6 Assagao

A singular record of recent history and of individual witness, Singh’s prison diary, newly expanded, appears in English for the first time. Offering unprecedented intimacy with the everyday life of the imprisoned everyman, Singh challenges us to look without flinching and question our assumptions about crime and punishment.

Bullet Proof Ideas- Gauri Lankesh Readings| September 11th, 2017, 7-10 pm|6 Assagao

Bullet Proof Ideas – Gauri Lankesh Readings A gathering to remember Gauri Lankesh by reading some of her works. Its most fitting to read and keep reading what she wrote and stood for. Its her views that was targeted. She died serving democracy. Please come to keep her works and dissent alive. Readings by media … Continue reading Bullet Proof Ideas- Gauri Lankesh Readings| September 11th, 2017, 7-10 pm|6 Assagao

The Tunes of Defiance – by Musical Warriors

Musical Warriors is an open group comprising of Goan music performers and activists, who love Goa in all its natural beauty, social harmony and loving hospitality. The group has come together to promote the idea of preservation of our centuries-old tradition of peaceful living in harmony with nature, ecology and environment, which is, sadly, fast being destroyed. The group has conducted many street performances all over Goa creating awareness of various issues such as land grabbing by the state authorities in Mopa and Tuem for government projects and opposition towards Raheja housing project in Carmona and golf course in Tiracol.

Tribute to The Kindness Manifesto

This event is a tribute to Bismarque Dias, his spirit, and his unending love for Goa. Dias’ role as a priest took on an entirely new meaning in 2010, when he vehemently opposed the Church’s decision to sell its land in Vanxim Island. He went on to protest several similar projects, which threatened the biodiversity … Continue reading Tribute to The Kindness Manifesto