At 6 Assagao, for the first time, I found Goa’s different worlds intersecting – artists talking to activists, social scientists talking to entrepreneurs, new age spiritual practitioners talking to Goan locals – and engaging with each other through stimulating, productive conversations.

Christopher Rego, Creative Director, Paani Foundation

From Cape a town to Cairo | The Art Project | 6 Assagao #mondayfixgoa, 28th Oct, 7.30 pm In Charan’s last journey, he traveled with 12 artists from around the world across the length of Africa from Capetown to Cairo for 250 days to explore and share stories across borders using art as a medium. They traveled in the harshest conditions with almost no financial backing and relied completely on the kindness…

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Songs and Interaction | Kavish Seth | 6 Assagao, 7.30 pm, #mondayfixgoa 24th June, 2019

Kavish Seth is a Hindustani Singer/Songwriter/Poet. He started Zubaan music project where indie artistes from different musical-linguistic scenes come together, collaborate and perform across these musical scenes from mainlands to the cities of India. Artists from around 20 cities-towns of India have been involved in this musical project. It was started as an idea to…

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