Minds beyond mines : Goa’s future ~ A Discussion | 6 Assagao, March 25th 2019, 7.30 pm

For the last six months there has been a battle royale going on between mining dependents who feel deprived and cheated by the Government, and the Government itself which has consistently making promises to attempt to restart mining, to no avail. Away from this battle, there are much larger questions, should Goa’s future be dependent on mining alone to why have we allowed our natural bounty of rivers, farms, forests to wither away and become valueless! It is time to tap into the vast treasure trove of resources that nature has given us and use it for sustainable livelihoods.

Chipko 2.0 | Tree Tagging Walk |Hosted by Thus. and Eco Champions For Goa | Friday 22nd Mar, 2019, 9-11 am

Let us come together to geo tag trees of our neighborhood. This allows us to locate, check on health and environmental/ social risk of trees.

April Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Year? ~ Claude Alvares |6 Assagao, 1st April, 2019 | 7.30 pm

Claude Alvares will speak on how people of Goa have been taken for a ride not just on one day associated with fools, but every single day of the year. He will do this with the expectation that those who come to hear the talk also want to opt out of “fooldom” or the kingdom of fools. Monkey-wrenchers or aspiring monkey-wrenchers are most welcome.

The Price You Pay : Book Discussion |6 Assagao, 8th April 2019, 7.30 pm

The plot twists and turns like the teeming bazaars of Old Delhi, spinning from the betting houses of Chandni Chowk to the smooth tarmac of Lutyen’s imagination. Inside the dark underbelly of an emerging superpower’s capital city, the mirage of opulence and corruption is brutally exposed and the collusion that festers at its very heart.

Discussion: Goa’s Safety Perception~ An Uneasy Link | At 6 Assagao, March 11th, 7.30 pm

The issue of foreigners death in Goa is rising and is a blow to the image of Goa. This #mondayfixgoa March 11th, at 6 Assagao, we have Mr Sujay Gupta, Senior Journalist, with Ms Caroline Collasso, Advocate and Activist discussing this crucial issue of safety in Goa and it’s different perceptions

Artists United Goa | March 3rd, 2019, 4-7 pm at Sadhana Dell Arte’, Merces

On March 3, Sunday, artists, writers and poets in Goa will gather to speak of democracy, togetherness and of an environment that belongs to all its citizens. They will speak through the language of music, theatre, poetry, films and performances.