The People’s Biodiversity Register (Goa) – Hycintha Aguiar | #mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm | 7th September 2020

Goa has a People’s Biodiversity Register that contains detailed information about local biological resources along with the medicinal and other traditional knowledge associated with them. Preparing these registers is mandated under India’s Biological Diversity Act, 2002 and Rules, 2004. Being a qualified Zoologist and the Chairperson of the Biodiversity Management Committee of VP Goltim Navelim…

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At 6 Assagao, for the first time, I found Goa’s different worlds intersecting – artists talking to activists, social scientists talking to entrepreneurs, new age spiritual practitioners talking to Goan locals – and engaging with each other through stimulating, productive conversations.

Christopher Rego, Creative Director, Paani Foundation

The free but misunderstood Street Dogs of Goa – Adv Norma Alvares & Dr Karlette Fernandes | #mondayfixgoa | 31.8 7.30 pm

What many of us call stray, the law recognises as ‘street’ dogs. The colonial policy – which we followed, recommended catching and killing them en masse, until the law was changed in 2001 with the implementation of the Animal Birth Control Rules. Norma and Karlette have been on the frontline of the very heated street dog debates in Goa, and in this session they debunk some deeply held beliefs and hopefully show us a way forward of peaceful coexistence.

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100 years of Pandit Ravi Shankar -a presentation by S Kalidas | #mondayfixgoa 24.08 | 7.30 pm

To celebrate the centenary year of sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar’s birth, musicologist and arts writer S Kalidas will make a presentation on the life and music of this global Indian genius whom he calls the Tansen of our times.

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The Life of Steve Siqueira – in conversation with Naresh Fernandes | #mondayfixgoa 17.08 | 7.30 pm

The Goan Afrikander who became a musician during the transitional age from jazz to rock. Naresh Fernandes and Steve Siqueira, through music, will take us through jazz history and the role Goan musicians played.

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A discussion on Mollem | The art of destruction | 10th August Monday 7.30 pm

A panel discussion on the Mollem issue, with reference to the three proposed projects and their attendant environmental, ecological, social, economic and entomological affects on large areas contained in the Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Nuste – Goa’s relationship with fish. | 3rd August 2020 7.30 pm #mondayfixgoa

Using the journey of the migrant fishworker -someone who travels to Goa for ten months of the year and expends his labour on the mechanised boat- this talk will explore some of the aspects of Goa’s relationship with fishing industry.

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A Discussion on Mollem Issue, 27th July 2020 Monday 7.30 pm

This discussion with environmental lawyer Sreeja Chakraborty, Francesca Cotta of Save Mollem Campaign, with Avertino Miranda, Founder, Goa Green Brigade will cover issues of environmental protection acts, responsibilities of citizens and the possible outcomes for this Mollem issue.

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Goa Covid Relief Ops- An Analysis #mondayfixgoa 7.30 pm, 20th July 2020

Recently, citizens of Goa came out to assist the Covid relief operations – collaborating with the Government procedures.

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Flavours of Nationalism | A conversation with Nandita Haksar & Vikram Doctor | #mondayfixgoa, 13th July, 7.30 pm, 2020

India was born a hungry nation and, as we are constantly reminded, most recently by stories of migrants travelling back home with little food, it is still a hungry nation today. Yet this often seems forgotten in all the growth in food writing in recent years. Nandita Haksar seeks to change this with The Flavours…

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