Asmitai Dis/ Sanjeev Sardesai

Sanjeev Sardesai shall try to cover the lesser known aspects of Goa, especially what is in the hinterlands & interspersed with festivals & folk arts of Goa. The period covered is approx 3500 million years ago till present times, in brief. He will include a small part of the “Hippie” years”, though not exhaustive.

Discover the Estado da India

“Souls and Spices” is a 70 minute long video screener made in 2003 as “proof of concept” for a proposed TV series on Portuguese India. It presents a wealth of material for those interested in Goa’s Portuguese past. The team travelled to Portuguese settlements all across India, as well as to Lisbon and Sines in Portugal; documenting heritage monuments and artefacts dating back to the times of the Estado da India; and interviewing a comprehensive list both of scholars connected to the Indo-Portuguese story in different ways. This is the first public screening of the video in Goa since 2003. The filmmaker duo Christopher Rego and Desmond Nazareth (if his schedules permit) will be present to answer questions after the screening.