The Conversation with Buland Shukla and Sapna Shahani followed by Sumit Roy gig #mondayfixgoa Dec 20th 8 pm Vagator

This conversation will revolve around the eco system of starting niche businesses and the nurturing required to evolve passion projects into successful ventures.

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Blood & Flowers/ Amruta Patil/ In conversation

Amruta Patil will be sharing images from her new graphic novel Sauptik: Blood and Flowers and will talk about stories and art, warriors and lovers, hermaphrodite dancers, blood and flower metaphors, un-gendering mythology…and what it means to gestate everyone’s story in one standard-edition body.

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3 Weeks in Palestine – Talk by Orijit Sen

Palestine makes him feel hopeful not only for itself but for the world at large. He says- “It seems to confront us with the most troubling questions, but it also has the most powerful answers.”

He will talk about these experiences of the occupation as an everyday lived reality and the sheer indomitable spirit of the Palestinians, nurtured in the course of their long struggle.

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